Lead Up to the Challenge: Seattle and Port Angeles. January 19’th-20’th

For one last taste of luxury living before I start my challenge of living off of five dollars a day, my awesome dad took me down to Port Angeles. Here I will start my adventure tomorrow, in the Olympic National Park.

But first, back to the morning of the 19’th, my Dad and I woke up early and drove from Vancouver to Seattle. For part of the drive we took the scenic (and wonderfully named) Chackanut Drive. Upon arriving to Seattle we explored the Pike Place market, where I got an apple cider that, somewhat depressingly, cost me six dollars. So, it is looking like there will be no touristy apple ciders in my immediate future. We also went on a very well done underground tour of Seattle, where I learned some incredibly interesting things about the history of the city. One that certainly stuck out revolved around the fact that Seattle was built on mud flats, and had one of the worst sewage systems conceivable. Evidently, once upon a time if you were to accidentally flush the toilet while it was high tide you would come face to face with “up to 8 feet of geysering sewage.” All in all amazing tour.

Checking out the salmon at Pike Place Market

The  following morning we left for the Edmunds-Kingston ferry, which carried us onto the Olympic Peninsula and towards Port Angeles. We then stopped for what will hopefully be my first hike of many in the Olympic Range. We stopped by Marymere Falls; and then headed up to the peak of arguably the best named mountain I have ever climbed, Mount Storm King. The view from the top was beautiful, overlooking Crescent Lake . We were fortunate enough to arrive just before some clouds rolled over the nearest ridge to obscure the view. Also sometimes obscuring the view, and I’m not complaining, were the numerous Grey Jays (also known as Whiskey Jacks) swarming us as we tucked into our sandwiches.

Taming the Whiskey Jacks on Mount Storm King

After coming back down from the peak we made our way to the Air b&b in Port Angeles that my Dad booked as my last night indoors for some time. Now the path to my heart, as I learned today, is having seven dogs. We stayed on a property a short drive out of town, which had llamas, goats, turkeys, horses, and incase you missed it the first time SEVEN DOGS. Along with all its other occupants, it has the master of the house Gail, who was  also fantastic. As well, she made gave a much needed donation to Himalayan Trust, which will benefit those living in Himalayan Nepal. Who, like me starting tomorrow, live off very little. This donation will go towards, among other things, helping children receive and education, and providing safe drinking water for communities. If you would like to make a pledge as well, just click on the “donate” link at the top of the page. Thank you so much!

In my happy place with Morpheus and Ghost (other five dogs not pictured)


“That’s where we are going!”
With my Dad at Marymere Falls. Thank you for taking me stateside!!



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